General Information for Educational Enrichment Partner

JCS Purchasing System Frequently Asked Questions


All Educational Enrichment Partner questions regarding registration (including documentation or changes to your account), purchasing or accounting should be directed to or (951) 304-3051.

How do I become an Educational Enrichment Partner?

**IF you are familiar with and agree to a purchase order and a NET30 invoice payment process, please follow the steps below. If you are not aware how this process takes place to get paid, BEFORE you apply, please skip to the purchase order questions below to learn more and determine whether to accept the purchase order/NET30 process.** 

Please click on the 'Apply to become a JCS-Inc. Educational Enrichment Partner' link above.

You will need to determine whether you will be doing business is an Independent Contractor or Company. 

If you provide services for hire independently (you have no employees, partner, or subcontractors) and under your own name (you pay income taxes as an individual), you may be an independent contractor. 

If you own or represent a company with employees, business partners or subcontractors that pays income taxes as an entity with a Federal Employer Identification Number, you may be a company.  

If you have been an Educational Enrichment Partner in the past, please contact the Resource Center at and you will be sent an invitation to renew.

If you are a current Educational Enrichment Partner, you will be sent a renewal invitation during the summer with a login name and password.

If you need further assistance on becoming an approved vendor or renewing your vendor contract, please contact the Resource Center at or call (951) 304-3051. All current contracts expire the last day of the current school year.


Does it cost anything to become an Educational Enrichment Partner?

No, JCS-Inc. does not charge a fee to become an Educational Enrichment Partner.  However, each Educational Enrichment Partner must meet a LiveScan requirement for JCS-Inc.  If you are required to LiveScan into the JCS-Inc. database, the LiveScan agency will charge a fee that is non-reimbursable from JCS-Inc.  The cost is approximately $65-$100, depending on the Agency you use to LiveScan.

Is there a deadline to apply to become an Educational Enrichment Partner?

Yes, all Educational Enrichment Partner applications must be submitted no later than January 30th. However, it is strongly recommended that applications be completed by July 31st to ensure students can access services when school starts.

Please note that any application that is begun must be completed within 30 days or it will expire.

All Educational Enrichment Partner agreements expire at the end of the school year in May and must be renewed in the following school year. 

What type of advertising do I need to submit to be an Educational Enrichment Partner?

You will need to submit advertising with your Educational Enrichment Partner application that shows you are in business for the service you want offer to JCS-Inc. and that you advertise to the public.  We can accept a professional brochure, catalog, flyer, or printed website materials.  On the advertising it should show your company name, the services you provide and the approximate cost of the services.

Do I need to submit a business license to become an Educational Enrichment Partner?

Yes, if the city or county you provide services in requires you to have a business license, please submit a copy with your Educational Enrichment Partner application packet.  If the city or county does not require you to have a business license, then you will need to submit a Business License Waiver which can be found under the Registration Documents.


Do I need to show proof of liability insurance to be an Educational Enrichment Partner?

Yes, you are required to submit a Certificate of Insurance for your commercial or professional liability. 

If you are providing a service for physical activity such as dance, martial arts, sports, or you have art classes with a kiln, you must also provide a Certificate of Liability insurance naming JCS-INc. as Additional Insured.  Per our policy, JCS-Inc. requires miminum limits of $1,000,000.00 per occurrence/ $2,000,000.00 general (annual) aggregate. We will still require your Certificate of Insurance showing you carry the required amount of liability limits.

If your Business will not provide physical activities or include the presence of dangerous equipment or power tools, you may request that JCS-Inc. waive the requirement that you show proof of your liability insurance at this time.

If you have any questions about liability insurance requirements, please contact the Resource Center at or call (951) 304-3051.

Do I need to show proof of worker's compensation insurance to be an Educational Enrichment Partner?

Yes, if your business is determined to be a "Company" with employees you will need to submit a Certificate of Insurance with JCS-Inc. as a certificate holder.  If you are determined to be an "Independent Contractor" with no employees, you are not required to submit the worker's compensation certificate. Being a certificate holder just means that we are given proof that insurance is in effect. Additionally, as a certificate holder, if the policy is cancelled, the insurance company will attempt to notify us of the policy's cancellation. If you have any questions about workers compensation insurance requirements, please contact the Resource Center at call (951) 304-3051.

If I am an Educational Enrichment Partner can I be an employee of JCS-Inc. ?

You cannot be an employee and an Educational Enrichment Partner for JCS-Inc. at the same time. You can be an Educational Enrichment Partner and a Special Education Service Partner or Program Based Educational Enrichment Partner at the same time, but you would have separate contracts, purchase orders, and billing for each type of service.

Do I need to LiveScan into the JCS-Inc. LiveScan database?

If your business has been authorized by the Department of Justice to be an approved Agency with its own ORI account or if your business holds a current Non-Public Agency certificate with the California Department of Education, you maybe able to waive the JCS-Inc. LiveScan database requirement.  Please contact the Resource Center at for more information.

If your NPA expires, you must immediately submit a renewed NPA certificate or have someone from your business immediately LiveScan into the JCS-Inc. database or all contracts and purchase order will become void, all services must stop, and no payments will be made for services after the expiration of the NPA.

I have already LiveScanned for another business; do I have to LiveScan again for JCS-Inc.?

Yes, it is against the law to share LiveScan results with anyone. They are considered confidential records and are protected by privacy laws.

Where can I get my LiveScan fingerprints taken?

You can go to any LiveScan Agency or most police stations. Not all fees are the same and some places require an appointment, so call first. You can view a list of LiveScan locations in California at

If you are near one the San Diego County Office of Education locations, we recommend you have your LiveScan done there. For current rates, appointments, and locations see

LiveScan rates are approximately $65-$100, depending on the authorized LiveScan Agency.  After you completed the LiveScan form with the LiveScan Agency, please make a copy and return it with your Educational Enrichment Partner documents to the Resource Center at

Do all my employees need to LiveScan?

Only one person, usually the owner or lead instructor, needs to LiveScan for JCS-Inc., but all other employees or volunteers who will come in contact with our students must background check for your business. The Employer Fingerprint Certification is your guarantee to JCS-Inc. that you have background checked all your employees that come in contact with our students. You may have other instructors LiveScan if you prefer, but because of the privacy laws JCS-Inc. could not inform you of a problem. It is best to set up your own background account for your own employees so you, as their employe, will be notified if there is a problem with one of your employees. 

To find out more information how to set up your own background check account and be an authorized agency to receive fingerprint submission information from the Department of Justice, contact the State of California at If the person who has LiveScanned for JCS-Inc. leaves your business, you must immediately have another person LiveScan for JCS-Inc. or your agreement with JCS-Inc. will become void, all purchase orders will be canceled, student services must stop, and no payments will be issued for services after the time that person has left your business.


I was an Educational Enrichment Partner before, do I have to LiveScan again?

No, once you have LiveScanned for JCS-Inc. you do not need to LiveScan again. If you decide to discontinue being an Educational Enrichment Partner, then reapply at a later date, you would not need to LiveScan into the JCS-INc. database again. If you stop being a JCS-Inc. VCI Education Enrichment Patner and return in the future, you would not need to LiveScan again. Once you are in the JCS-Inc. LiveScan database, you are not removed.

The person who LiveScanned for my business is no longer associated with my business, what do I do?

You must immediately have someone LiveScan for your business and notify JCS-Inc. If there is no one at your business LiveScanned for JCS-Inc. your Services Agreement will become immediately void, all purchase orders will be canceled, student services must stop, and no payments will be issued for services after the LiveScanned person has left your business.

What if one of my employees who I have background checked leaves my business or I hire a new employee mid-year?

The Employer Fingerprint Certification (EFC form) is your guarantee to JCS-Inc. that you have background checked all your employees that come in contact with our students. It is your responsibility as the Educational Enrichment Partner to not let anyone in contact with our students that you have not background checked. If someone leaves your business that you background check, you must not let another instructor replace that person without a background check. Otherwise your agreement with JCS-Inc. will become immediately void, all purchase orders will be cancelled, student services must stop, and no payments will be issued for services after the time that person has left your business. If you add a new employee during the year that will be in contact with our students, you must include their name on your EFC form. You can add the name to your current EFC form by contacting the Resource Center at or call (951) 304-3051 or you may fill out another EFC form with the new employee’s name listed.

When do I need to submit a TB test?

You only need to submit a negative TB test result when you are conducting business on a JCS-Inc. facility. Each instructor from your business teaching at a JCS-Inc. facility must submit a recent negative TB test result to a facility or program coordinator on or before the first day of classes at the JCS-Inc. facility.

What is an Offering?

Offerings are what JCS-Inc. refers to as your class or session's Service (description), Instructional Unit (duration), and Fee Per Unit (rate) as written on your EEP agreement.

What category will my class offering appear in?

When you are approved as an Educational Enrichment Partner and each of your approved classes are entered as offerings into our ordering system, they will be assigned to a category.  An offering can be in only one category at a time. Parents can search for Educational Enrichment Partner's offerings by categories, such as Music, Art, and Tutoring.  If you would like to switch one of your classes categories, please contact the Resource Center at or call (951) 304-3051.

Why can't I increase my price during the school year?

When you enter into a contract with JCS-Inc., it is for the entire school year.  The initial rates on our contract are valid for the entire school year.  If you will be a returning Educational Enrichment Partner for next school year, you will be asked to fill out a new contract over the summer.  This is your opportunity to increase your rates if necessary.

Why can’t I charge my private instruction rate?

JCS-Inc. is a public school using public funds. We cannot use public funds to pay for fees such as private instruction, summer classes, registration fees, membership fees, instrument rentals, equipment, or clothing expenses.

Can I offer a discount or accept partial payment of a class from JCS-Inc.?

Not unless it's written into your initial contract. Plan what classes you want to offer to JCS-Inc. students for the entire school year while preparing your Educational Enrichment Partner contract. If you want to bundle class rates or offer discounts (such as for siblings), make sure to include those specific rates on your contract as well. Then they will be reflected as offerings by your business in our ordering system, and can be requested on a purchase order.  JCS-Inc. will only be able to pay the exact amount of a purchase order. 

Why can't a JCS-Inc. student attend all of my class options?

JCS-Inc. can only pay for class rates that were approved on your initial contract.  If you have more classes listed on your schedule that were not on your contract with JCS-Inc., or if you added classes during the school year, a JCS-Inc. student may not request a purchase order to attend those classes.

How do I charge a Session Fee but still be paid monthly?

JCS-Inc. cannot pay for classes until after they are attended by the student.  If you have a ballet offering for a class that is 12 weeks long for $300/session, you would not be paid until the last class of the session is taught (at the end of the 3rd month).

Your offering on the contract would look like this:

Beginning Ballet        1 hr class once a week for 12 weeks                                            $300

An Educational Facilitator would request a purchase order for 1 session @ $300

If you would like to be paid monthly, you can add a restriction:

Beginning Ballet        1 hr class four times a month, minimum sign up 3 months    $100

An Educational Facilitator would request three different months for 1 session each month @ $100/month and could invoice after the last class is taught in each month.

If you would like more flexibility in the amount of classes a student can take, here is another example:

Beginning Ballet        1 hr class                                                                                            $25

An Educational Facilitator could request 6 classes in a month instead of 1 month with four classes, you can bill $150 for the month.

If you would like to keep the flexibility but still add a restriction:

Beginning Ballet        1 hr class, minimum sign up 12 classes                                        $25

An Educational Facilitator could request 2 classes in one month, 6 classes in another month, and 4 classes in another month, and you could still bill monthly. If the 2nd class in the first month is completed early, you don't need to wait until the end of the month to bill. JCS-Inc.'s policy is that you can only bill after the class is taught.


What if there are Special Ordering Instructions for my classes?

You may have a special note included on your Educational Enrichment Partner information page in our ordering system to inform the Educational Facilitator of some extra steps the family may need to do to order a class from you. Please contact the Resource Center at or call (951) 304-3051 if you would like any additional information included with your offerings.

How do I know when I've been approved as an Educational Enrichment Partner?

Once you have been approved to be an Educational Enrichment Partner with all the requirements submitted, you will be notified when the contract is finalized. Your Educational Enrichment Partner contact information and class offerings will be posted in our ordering system as an approved Educational Enrichment Partner for Educational Facilitators to request classes for families.

Can I continue to teach JCS-Inc. students during the summer time?

Yes, but JCS-Inc. cannot pay for summer classes and the class fees will be at the parent's expense. You will not receive any purchase orders for the months of June, July, or August and will need to make other payments arrangements with the parents before you start any summer lessons.

Children in my household attend JCS-Inc.; can I be paid for my Educational Enrichment Services to them?

No. It is a conflict of interest to be paid for Educational Enrichment services provided for members of your household.

How do I advertise with JCS-Inc.?

While JCS-Inc. requires all Educational Enrichment Partners to supply their advertising materials, this is just for us to establish that the Educational Enrichment Partner is an actual business. JCS-Inc. is not responsible for advertising for Educational Enrichment Partners, nor are we allowed to in accordance with Assembly Bill 2990.

In our ordering system families see the name of your business and city under the category that matches your services. You may also join our Facebook Page Julian Charter School Families to post updates.

When will I get interested students?

JCS-Inc. does not guarantee any students will use your services. The current Educational Enrichment Partner list is a compilation of approved JCS-Inc. Educational Enrichment Partners for Educational Facilitators to review and select educationally-appropriate services from. Educational Facilitiators can start submitting EEP requests for purchase orders in the beginning of August. Processed purchase orders are immediately sent to the Educational Enrichment Partner. JCS-Inc. will only pay for approved classes during the time when JCS-Inc. is in session, approximately from September through May.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

What is my purchase order for?

A purchase order is your guarantee that JCS-Inc. will make payment for services agreed to in our contract. JCS-Inc. will only pay for what is approved on a purchase order. Use the information on the purchase order to create your invoice when you are ready to bill.

Please do not inquire with a parent for missing purchase orders or payments. Direct all questions to the Resource Center. If you contact a parent for information, your response time will be greatly affected.


A JCS-Inc. student has signed up for my classes; when can I start teaching them?

You may start teaching them as soon as a purchase order is issued.

The purchase order is your guarantee that JCS-Inc. will pay for services outlined in our contract. We will not pay for lessons taught before a purchase order has been issued. If you think you should have received a purchase order but have not, please contact the Resource Center at or call (951) 304-3051 right away.

Please do not inquire with a parent for missing purchase orders or payments. Direct all questions to the Resource Center. If you contact a parent for information, your response time will be greatly affected.


My student and I are ready to start lessons, but I don't have my purchase order, what do I do?

You must wait to receive a purchase order from JCS-Inc. before you start teaching classes to JCS-Inc. students.

If you are ready to start teaching but you haven't received a purchase order yet, please contact the Resource Center at or call (951) 304-3051 right away. If there is no request in the system, a JCS-Inc. staff member will assist you in correcting the issue. If you contact a parent for information, the time for correcting the issue may be greatly affected.

Until a purchase order is confirmed by JCS-Inc., any lessons taught will be at the expense of the parent.


How do I receive my purchase order?

Purchase orders are emailed to the email address on file for the EEP.

I received my purchase order; how do I contact my student?

For privacy reasons, JCS-Inc. cannot give you student contact information, but we can give you Educational Facilitator (EF) information. If you receive a purchase order for a student that hasn't already contacted you, please contact the Resource Center at or call (951) 304-3051 and ask for contact information for the student's EF.  You can also find the EF's name on the purchase order. In most cases, but not all, an EF's email address is first initial last name, if you would like to try emailing the EF directly.

Educational Facilitators are asked to contact an Educational Enrichment Partner before requesting a purchase order to ensure they have all relevant information needed for their students to attend your classes - to make sure scheduling will work, that venues are confirmed, and any attendance or payment policies are understood before a purchase order is issued, for example.

What happens when a student misses a lesson?

JCS-Inc. understands that if a student misses a lesson without communicating to the Educational Enrichment Partner that student's spot could have been given to another paying customer. An Educational Enrichment Partner can then bill for a missed lesson (mark on the attendance sheet sent with your invoice -- unexcused Absence OR no call/no show. It is our hope parents will communicate when scheduling conflicts occur and Educational Enrichment Partners will give the student an opportunity to make up a lesson. This is why it is important for Educational Facilitators to contact the Educational Enrichment Partner before requesting a purchase order, so each individual Educational Enrichment Partner's attendance policy is understood.

All lessons must be made up by end of May or they will not be able to be used at all.

An Educational Enrichment Partner may not bill in January for a lesson listed on the purchase order for February (can't bill for lessons until after they are taught), but an Educational Enrichment Partner can bill for a lesson in March listed on the purchase order as a February lesson (considered a make-up lesson and mark on the attendance sheet -- Make-Up).

Can I still teach a student who has withdrawn from JCS-Inc.?

If a student withdraws from JCS-Inc. their outstanding purchase orders will be cancelled. Students can continue on with the Educational Enrichment Partner at their own expense.

How do I get paid?

After receiving the purchase order from JCS-Inc., the student may attend the class  To get paid please email your invoice with the student name, date of attendance and purchase order number to

You may not bill for lessons before they have been taught. Our payment terms are Net 30 days, but most payments take less time to process.   If you have billing questions or want to know when you will receive your payment – please contact a JCS Central Office staff member directly at (760) 765-3847 or  If you contact a parent for payment information there will be a delay in communication.

To be paid, you must have a current W-9 on file with JCS-Inc. If you need to change your payment remittance information, you must fill out another W-9 and send it to JCS-Inc., PO Box 2470, Julian, CA  92036, or fax to (760) 765-3849, or scan and email to, before you'll receive checks with the correct information. Please contact or call (760) 765-3847 if you need further assistance.

Do I need to provide an Attendance Sheet?

We expect our EEP to maintain attendance logs and JCS Inc, reserves the right to request logs for auditing purposes.  Failure to provide logs could result in the termination of the agreement between JCS, Inc and the EEP.

Where is my payment?

If you have questions about your payment, please contact the JCS Central Office directly at (760) 765-3847 or email Please do NOT contact the parents. If you ask the parent for payment information, it will cause a delay in responding to you.

If inquiring about an invoice, please do not resend the invoice.  Please reference just your invoice # instead.

Officially, our terms are Net 30 days.

What is the difference between an invoice and a purchase order?

An invoice is what the Educational Enrichment Partner sends to JCS-Inc. for payment. A purchase order is what JCS-Inc. sends to the Educational Enrichment Partner letting them know that JCS-Inc. has approved payment to the Educational Enrichment Partner for services/materials rendered to the student. The Educational Enrichment Partner must include the PO# on their invoice in order for it to be paid.