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VCI / VCI-E Vendor...Online tutoring students will need a good Internet connection and email address. The audio feed comes right through the computer---if they want video, then they need a webcam. Student will need to provide an email address to receive the weblink for the classroom. Please note you may not give out any personal or contact information of a student and their parents without their prior consent.**Contact Vendor prior to placing request to confirm class availability. Contact with Vendor will need to be stated in Notes box of request in order for it to be approved.**

Vendor Active Offerings

Location Category Description Price
Tutoring & Core Class Enrichment ONLINE TUTORING --- 50 EU's for one hour online tutoring. 50.0EUs
Online Tutoring & Core Class Enrichment TUTORING at a convenient location near you--- 50 EU's per hour 50.0EUs
Online Classes Voyage, online college and career readiness course --- 60 EUs 60.0EUs

Vendor Inactive Offerings

Location Category Description Price