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Note: you must provide a 'Place of Business' name and address. Once your application is approved, this address will be searchable and will be displayed publicly on the Julian Charter School Vendor website.

For answers to common questions about becoming a JCS Vendor, go here General Information

For questions not covered in the General Information section, or for help completing Sign Up, Please Contact the Vendor Coordinator Vendor Coordinator (760) 765-5500

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Will you be providing only “online” services or materials, with NO contact or correspondence with a JCS student?

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No, the student will be in contact or correspondence directly with someone (meeting in person, over the phone, through email, chat, text, or other online session etc.)

Are you able to accept Purchase Orders for your services or materials offered?

Yes, I am able to accept Purchase Orders.

No, I am NOT able to accept Purchase Orders.

As a vendor, you will receive purchase orders for the services or materials that you provide. Upon receipt of a purchase order, you may begin to render your services. At the time services are rendered, you must collect a student voucher and record it online which later you will use to generate an invoice for payment upon completion of your services. Is this process acceptable to you?

Yes, this process is acceptable.

No, this process is NOT acceptable.

I have read the General Information for Vendors (link will open in new window). I understand and agree to comply with the information and procedures outlined there.

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No, I either have NOT read, do NOT understand, or will NOT comply.

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